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A very important part of our ministry is caring for camper's medical needs. Our desire is for each camper to experience a safe, fun and caring environment, many times through their interaction with our nurses. We take very seriously the task of providing quality care for your child. Therefore, it is important that you complete both the Medical Form and the Counselor Communication Form which goes directly to the camp counselor. Both forms provide information which will help us best serve your child.


An RN or medical doctor will be on camp property during the week providing 24 hour care. We also have access to a local medical doctor (only 5 minutes away) that provides additional professional advice. Emergency services are only 20 minutes from camp. If treatment at either the doctor's office or emergency room is required, your health insurance will be the primary insurance. If a situation arises concerning the treatment of your child, you will be notified immediately by the medical staff and/or a year-round staff member. 


In accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Act we are providing this information to give you an idea of how we share medical records among our staff. Please understand that the medical information that you provide Pine Springs is used strictly and only for the safety of your child. The following individuals will have access to your child's information:

  • Executive Director, Summer Camp Director, Program Coordinators, Camp Nurse and Camp Registrar. Some information may be shared with the camper's counselor if deemed necessary and appropriate.

We retain your child's medical record and keep it on file. You may request the medical record at anytime. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding these procedures.


Also, please call us if there are any special medical concerns you may have regarding your child. We will do whatever we can to try to help your child have the best camp experience possible. 

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