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Philosophy and Distinctives:


Pine Springs Camp Philosophy:


The Pine Springs Camp summer program desires that each camper vitally encounters Christ. We do this by... 

  1. Teaching about the the unconditional love of Christ.

  2. Emphasizing that each camper has unique and creative gifts that God has given them.  We offer a variety of camps so that each participant can explore and develop their gifts and grow in their relationship to God.

  3. Modeling a proper way to celebrate and play in God's creation.  We believe that camp should be fun!

  4. Experiencing the importance of being involved in Christian community.


Pine Springs Camp Distinctives:


We help campers meet and learn about Jesus Christ through a number of DISTINCTIVES that make Pine Springs Camp unique:


Bible Interactions - Pine Springs Camp recognizes the importance of God's Word in everyday life which is why each camp spends time daily interacting with the Bible in unique and non-traditional ways. The following represent some of the ways campers have gained unique perspectives on the Bible and its message:

          1. Reading the story of creation and expressing personal impressions of the creation story through art,                       helping campers internalize the creativity of God;

          2. Setting up and packing up tents to understand what Abraham went through every time God told him to                 move, helping campers understand the faith and energy it takes to follow hard after God.


Small Group Environment- Pine Springs Camp offers the best of both worlds - a large, high-energy camp atmosphere with a small group environment. PSC offers many different camps every week. Each camp contains a smaller number of campers that receive individual attention from counselors and Directors and get to know other campers better in a small group environment, even though each camp is part of a larger, high-energy camp experience.


Small Camper to Counselor Ratio - Pine Springs Camp recognizes the need for each camper to receive personal attention throughout the week. With a 6:1 camper to counselor ratio, PSC ensures that your child will get to know his/her counselor in a meaningful way and have the opportunity to hear what God is doing in the counselor's life.


Emphasis on enjoying creation and personal God-given abilities - Pine Springs Camp is a place to enjoy creation and other people and recognize God-given abilities. The PSC camp atmosphere emphasizes playfulness and good sportsmanship.


Choice - Pine Springs Camp offers many options so that campers can explore their unique interests and abilities. Camps are divided into the following categories: adventure, wet-n-wild, elective and specialty.

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