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History of PSC

Situated on 230 acres in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands is a vibrant, growing camp. Each summer you will hear echoes of children's laughter and shouts of joy. You will see kids running from the cabins to the pool with excited anticipation. You will witness adults sharing their love of our Lord at campfires. You will hear beautiful music and smell the delicious food cooking at The Refuge. You will see the tears of a child saying good-bye to new friends while holding their college-aged counselor tightly. This is the 70 year legacy of the gift from Isabelle C. Coffin.


What is now known as Pine Springs Camp was a farm willed to the Blairsville Presbytery in 1924. Mrs. Coffin's gift stipulated that there would be a place of worship built and maintained and the farm could not be sold or devoted to anything other than religious purposes. The Log Chapel, built in 1929, continues to be this place of worship and each year is shared with many churches and used throughout the summer. The Blairsville Presbytery decided to develop the farm into a youth camping facility which was completed and dedicated in 1948 after many years of planning. That first summer welcomed 173 energetic campers, 30 brave youth leaders and 15 local church groups.


Originally managed by the First Presbyterian Church of Johnstown, in 1981 the Redstone Presbytery (changed from Blairsville in 1958) welcomed the addition of the Washington Presbytery as a co-sponsor of this growing camp ministry. Since that time, the camp has grown substantially in facilities, human resources, camper programs and in year-round retreating. Pine Springs Camp welcomes over 1,000 children each summer along with over 50 college-aged young adults and dedicated adults from our local churches that model their faith and share the camp's mission statement of providing every camper with a vital encounter with Jesus Christ that leads to growth in Christian faith and discipleship. Stuart Chapel, named for Dr. Joseph C. Stuart, the camp's first director, stands today as a faithful witness to that mission begun over a half-century ago.


And the message of Pine Springs Camp has not changed in 70 years. Christ has changed the lives of thousands of children and adults through the ministry of Pine Springs Camp and we are committed to doing God's work for the next 70 years. Come join us and be a part of the next 70 years of Pine Springs Camp's history.

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