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The best way for Pine Springs to recruit new campers is through others sharing their Pine Springs Camp experiences. Pine Springs Camp is always looking for people who love the ministry of Pine Springs Camp and want to partner with us and help spread the news about our ministry with churches, friends and anyone else who could benefit from attending.


Here are a few ways YOU could become involved as a PSC Connector:


  1. Set-up a Home Visit: Would you be willing to invite 5-10 families into your home for a Pine Springs Camp "home party"? We would provide you with invitations, take care of the details and you could invite friends whom you think would like to hear about Pine Springs Camp. One of our staff members would come and give a short talk, show a camp highlight video and share the exciting camping opportunities for all ages. This is a great way to introduce families to Pine Springs Camp.
  2. Help Set-up a Church Visit: PSC needs people to help recruit at churches that already send campers. We also have a need to reach new churches. If you would be willing to help, please contact us and become an official Pine Springs Camp Connector.
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